Change Plesk spam-settings in bulk

Since Plesk per default uses the static userdb-driver of Dovecot, it may seem difficult to easily iterate through all mailboxes on the server, for example in order to change the spam-settings of all mailboxes on the systems at once while keeping the “individual settings per-mailbox” functionality enabled.

The following one-liner may be helpful in such case:

while read domain; do (while read user; do plesk bin spamassassin --update $user@$domain -status true -personal-conf true -action move -hits 6; done < <(ls -1 /var/qmail/mailnames/$domain)); done < <(ls -1 /var/qmail/mailnames/)

In this case, the domains and mailboxes are placed in/var/qmail due to a previous upgrade from qmail to Dovecot. If the directory in your case differs, make sure to change it in the one-liner, too.

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